In 2006, Marijke moved to the beautiful town of Delft in the Netherlands. Inspired by the Delft houses and canals, she created her first unique piece of jewellery: a brooche keepsake box made of rolled silver in the shape of a Delft house. Inside the box is space, where the owner can keep a memento such as a poem, feather, or something found in the street! A moment captured in jewellery!

Thus began Marijke’s journey into storytelling through jewellery pieces and the beginning of Marijke Meu.

On this website you will find custom pieces that have been previously made and displayed at galleries. Also you will find old necklaces , memories from a beloved family member or a holiday, that were transformed into pieces that are outstanding, modern and wearable.

If you are interested in purchasing any made to order pieces, gallery showings or if you like to have an old necklace updated,  please fill out the form below to contact me.